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Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

Breast augmentation Surgery Cost

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Average Cost (approx) Rs 1,70,000/-
Lowest Cost (approx) Rs 1,40,000/-
Highest Cost (approx) Rs 2,00,000/-
Treatment: Breast Implants
Risk: Minimal
Treatment Time: 2 hours
Resume Work: 1 week
Hospitalization Days: 1 Day
Results: Permanant
Doctor NameDr. M. Shridharan -Board certified Plastic Surgeon with 22 Years Experience
Surgery CostRs 1,40,000/- to Rs 2,00,000/-
Surgery NameBreast implant surgery
Clinic NameMedini Cosmetic Surgery (20+ Years Exp Doctor)
Surgery Safety Protocol100% safe (Surgeries in the Hospital with ICU Backup)
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Breast augmentation Surgery

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Breast augmentation Surgery Cost in Hyderabad India

What is Breast augmentation surgery?

Many people wonder what breast augmentation surgery is. Breast augmentation surgery is a common cosmetic surgery procedure, but people often wonder what exactly it is. Breast augmentation surgery uses either implants or transfer of fat to increase the breast size, and most implants are made of either silicone gel or saline.

The goal is to create a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The breast implant surgery is done by an expert plastic surgeon, who will discuss the procedure and help you choose the best implant for your needs.

Breast augmentation Surgery Cost in India

The cost of breast augmentation surgery in India depends on various factors such as the surgeon’s experience and reputation, the type of implant used, the location of the hospital or clinic, etc. The cost of breast augmentation surgery in India is approximately 1,40,000 to 2,00,000 Indian Rupees.

The approximate cost of breast augmentation surgery in different cities in India is given.


Breast augmentation
Implant Surgery Cost
+ Implant cost Extra
Breast augmentation
Surgery Cost with
Fat Transfer
MumbaiFrom Rs 1,00,000/- to Rs 1,50,000/-From Rs 2,00,000/- to Rs 3,50,000/-
New DelhiFrom Rs 1,00,000/- to Rs 1,60,000/-From Rs 1,80,000/- to Rs 3,00,000/-
ChennaiFrom Rs 90,000/- to Rs 1,20,000/-From Rs 1,70,000/- to Rs 2,50,000/-
KolkataFrom Rs 80,000/- to Rs 1,20,000/-From Rs1,80,000/- to Rs 2,60,000/-
HyderabadFrom Rs 80,000/- to Rs 1,50,000/-From Rs 1,60,000/- to Rs 2,80,000/-
BangaloreFrom Rs 1,00,000/- to Rs 1,50,000/-From Rs 1,90,000/- to Rs 2,80,000/-
TrivandrumFrom Rs 90,000/- to Rs 1,40,000/-From Rs 1,60,000/- to Rs 2,40,000/-

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Breast augmentation Surgery Cost - Determinig Factors

The cost of breast augmentation surgery in India can vary depending on several factors, including:

  1. Surgeon’s expertise and experience: Highly skilled and experienced surgeons charge more for their services than less experienced ones.
  2. Hospital or clinic facility: The cost of using a well-equipped and reputable hospital or clinic may be higher than that of a less well-equipped facility.
  3. Type of implant: The type of implant used in the surgery can significantly affect the cost. Silicone implants cost more than saline implants.
  4. Anesthesia fees: The cost of anesthesia also adds to the overall cost of the surgery.
  5. Geographic location: The cost of breast augmentation surgery may vary depending on the location of the hospital or clinic.
  6. Pre-operative and post-operative care: The cost of pre-operative and post-operative care, including consultations, tests, medications, and follow-up appointments, can affect the overall cost of the surgery.

It is mandatory to consult with a qualified and board-certified plastic surgeon to get a personalized estimate of the cost of breast augmentation surgery, as each case is unique and may require different types of treatment.

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Breast augmentation Surgery - Different Procedures

Breast augmentation surgery typically involves two main procedures: Implant placement beneath the breast and Fat tissue transfer.

Implant Placement

  • Silicone implant placement Involves the insertion of silicone gel-filled implants through incisions under the breast, under the arm, or around the nipple.
  • Saline Implant Placement:Involves the insertion of a sterile saline solution-filled implant through an incision, followed by the filling of the implant once it is in place.

Fat transfer breast augmentation

  • Breast augmentation by fat transfer, also known as autologous fat transfer or lipo injection, is a procedure in which fat is taken from one part of the body and transferred to the breasts to increase their size. It is generally considered a safe procedure.

It’s mandatory to consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon and discuss the procedure that is best suited for her needs and goals.

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Breast augmentation Surgery Cost-Ideal Candidates

Who Can get Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed on women who want to enhance the size, shape, or fullness of their breasts.

Breast augmentation can benefit women who are experiencing any of the following:

  • A decrease in breast size after pregnancy, weight loss, or aging.
  • An imbalance between the breasts is caused by one breast being larger than the other.
  • An unsatisfactory result from previous breast surgery.
  • A desire to improve the appearance of the breasts.
  • A loss of self-confidence due to small or sagging breasts.
  • You must be over the age of 18 and in good general health

How much does Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost in Hyderabad?

Breast augmentation surgery is a common procedure.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery in Hyderabad, India depends on certain factors such as the type of implant, the surgeon’s experience and fees, and the location of the surgery. The cost can range from INR 1,40,000 to INR 2,00,000.

Breast Augmentation Surgery with Implant - Cost

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost

Rs 90,000/- to Rs 1,20,000/-

Breast Implant Cost is extra.The cost of the implant varies between Rs 40,000/- to Rs 90,000/- depending upon the quality and brand.

Breast Augmentation Surgery with Fat tissue Transfer - Cost

Breast Augmentation Surgery with

Fat tissue Transfer Cost

Rs 1,70,000/- to Rs 2,20,000/-

Breast Augmentation Surgery - Steps

During the surgery, the following steps may occur:

  1. Anesthesia: The patient is given either general anesthesia to put them to sleep or local anesthesia with sedation to numb the area and make them drowsy.
  2. Incision:Incision is made in discreet areas, such as the armpit, areola, or the fold under the breast, and the implant is inserted.
  3. Implant Placement:A pocket is created either behind the breast or beneath the chest muscle, and the implant is placed in it.
  4. Duration of Surgery: Surgery takes roughly 2 hours
  5. Closure of incision: The incisions are then closed with sutures, surgical tape or skin adhesives.
  6. Recovery:After surgery, the patient will be nursed in the recovery room for monitoring and then may go home, with follow-up appointments scheduled for later to check for proper healing.

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery may take several weeks. During this time, the patient should avoid vigorous activities and follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions.

Types of Breast Surgeries?

Breast augmentation surgery helps women improve their self-esteem and boost their confidence.

There are different types of breast surgeries available, including:

Breast implantation: It involves inserting breast implants under the breast tissue to increase the size of your breasts.

Breast lift (mastopexy): It can be done alone or in combination with other procedures such as augmentation and reduction.

Breast reduction: It removes fat, breast glands, and extra skin from the breasts to reduce their size using liposuction.

Breast reconstruction: It’s a procedure that can be used after a mastectomy for breast cancer.

So, if you’re considering breast implantation, it’s important to know the different types so that you can make an informed decision about which type best meets your needs.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost - Benefits

Breast augmentation surgery can have the following benefits:

  1. Increased self-confidence: Many women feel more confident and attractive after breast augmentation surgery.
  2. Improved physical appearance:The surgery enhances the size, shape, and symmetry of the breasts.
  3. Clothes fit better: Women with larger breasts may find that clothes fit better and that they have a more proportionate figure.
  4. Correction of asymmetry:Breast augmentation can correct asymmetrical breasts and help women achieve a more balanced appearance.
  5. Reconstruction after mastectomy:Breast augmentation can be used in reconstruction after mastectomy to restore the breast shape.

It is important to keep in mind that each individual’s experience with breast augmentation surgery can vary, and the benefits and drawbacks should be carefully considered before undergoing the procedure.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost - Risk and Complications

Breast augmentation Surgery with Implants

Breast augmentation surgery, like any other surgical procedure, can have potential complications, including:

  • Implant rupture or deflation
  • Capsular contracture   (hardening of the breast tissue around the implant)
  • Infection
  • Hematoma   (collection of blood outside of blood vessels)
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Asymmetry or unevenness of the breasts
  • Implant displacement or shifting
  • Scarring
  • Poor wound healing

Breast augmentation Surgery with Fat transfer

Some possible complications of fat transfer to the breasts include:

  • Fat necrosis: this occurs when some of the fat cells die, leading to the formation of hard, painless lumps in the breast tissue.
  • Asymmetry: this can occur when the amount of fat transferred to each breast is not equal, leading to a difference in size or shape between the two breasts.
  • Poor fat survival:Only half the fat cells that are injected into the breasts will survive. The remaining fat cells get absorbed within the body.
  • Calcium deposits: these can occur in the fat that has been transferred, and may be visible on x-rays or mammograms.
  • Infection:The risk of infection is present as with any surgery, which can lead to pain, swelling, and redness.
  • Hematoma: this occurs when blood accumulates in the surgical area and can cause pain, swelling, and bruising.

It’s essential to discuss with your surgeon about the risks and benefits of the procedure.

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How long will the results last?

Breast augmentation results can last several years, but it depends on various factors, such as the type of implants used, the patient’s age, lifestyle, and the body’s natural aging process.

·        Breast augmentation with Implant results will last as long as you take care of your implants. You’ll need to have regular mammograms and clinical breast exams.

·        Implant rupture chances increase by 1 % every year. Hence probability of implant rupture is higher with older implants.

·        On average, implant replacements or touch-up surgeries are required after 10 to 15 years.

·        The breast augmentation results from fat transfer can last anywhere from several months to several years.

·        It’s important to note that regular follow-up appointments with a plastic surgeon are necessary to monitor the condition of the implants and ensure optimal results.

·        It is generally believed that fat transfer results tend to be less long-lasting than traditional breast implants.


It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and speak with a plastic surgeon about expected results and potential touch-up procedures.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost -Duration

The actual procedure takes about 2 hours to complete, but you’ll need to plan for additional time at the office before and after your surgery date. However, the time involved in the procedure depends on each patient’s unique needs and can vary from case to case.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost -Recovery

Recovery after breast augmentation surgery typically involves the following steps:

  • You may be able to go home on the same day as your procedure.
  • Rest and limited physical activity:You should take a few days off from work and limit physical activity. Avoid lifting anything heavy and follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding when you can resume normal activity.
  • Pain management:You will have some pain and discomfort after the surgery, but it is managed with pain medication.
  • Wound care:You may have bandages and drains in place after the surgery. Follow the surgeon’s instructions for caring for your incisions and removing any dressings.
  • Follow-up appointments:Consultation with the surgeon is important after surgery to monitor your healing and make sure that the implants are in the proper position.
  • Resuming normal activities:Gradually increase your physical activity over the next few weeks, but avoid strenuous exercise and lifting weights for at least 6 weeks.
  • No smoking:Avoid smoking, as it can slow down the healing process.

It is important to follow all the instructions as advised by your surgeon to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

FAQ About Breast augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is a personal decision, and it is really worth to have this surgery. Some people opt for breast augmentation to feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance, while others may do so to restore breast volume after weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. 

Yes, you can breastfeed with implants, but it depends on several factors, such as the type of implants, the placement of the incisions, and the technique used during the surgical procedure. It is best to consult with your doctor to determine the potential impact on your ability to breastfeed.

There is no specific age that is considered the best for getting breast implants. It is a personal decision. However, it is generally recommended to wait until breast development is complete, which typically occurs around age 18 or after childbirth. 

Some degree of pain and discomfort is present after surgery. It depends on individual tolerance levels and the specific procedure used. However, the pain is manageable with pain medication, and it subsides within a week or two.

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