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Hymen repair Surgery Cost

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Hymen repair Surgery Cost

Hymen repair Surgery cost in India

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Average Cost (approx) Rs 40,000/-
Lowest Cost (approx) Rs 30,000/-
Highest Cost (approx) Rs 50,000/-
Treatment: Hymen repair Surgery
Risk: Nil
Treatment Time: 30 minutes
Resume Work: 1Day
Hospitalization Days: Day Care
Results: Permanant
Doctor NameDr. M. Shridharan -Board certified Plastic Surgeon with 22 Years Experience
Hymen repair surgery CostRs 30,000/- to Rs 50,000/-
Surgery NameHymenoplasty surgery
Clinic NameMedini Cosmetic Surgery (20+ Years Exp Doctor)
Surgery Safety Protocol100% safe (Surgeries in the Hospital with ICU Backup)
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It’s essential to know hymen repair surgery cost if you’re considering hymenoplasty surgery, so that you can make an informed decision about which option best meets your needs. Before deciding to undergo hymen repair surgery, it is essential to know about the factors that determines the hymenoplasty surgery cost. Consult with a reputable surgeon to understand the risks, benefits, and potential costs associated with the hymen repair surgery.

Take Away: If you are considering having a hymenoplasty surgery, consult an experienced plastic surgeon who can answer all your questions and concerns.

Hymen repair Surgery Cost in India

The hymenoplasty surgery cost in India can vary widely depending on various factors, such as the surgeon’s experience, the skill level of your Doctor, location, facility fees, anesthesia fees, and other associated charges.


The hymen repair surgery cost depends on the number of stitches needed and how much time the surgeon spends working on you.

 However, on average, hymenoplasty surgery cost can vary anywhere from Rs 30,000/- to Rs 50,000/-.


The hymen repair surgery cost varies from place to place. The following table gives the approximate hymenoplasty surgery cost in different cities in India.

Different cities in IndiaHymenoplasty Surgery Cost
Approximate Range
MumbaiFrom Rs 60,000/- to Rs 80,000/-
New DelhiFrom Rs 70,000/- to Rs 90,000/-
ChennaiFrom Rs 40,000/- to Rs 70,000/-
KolkataFrom Rs 35,000/- to Rs 70,000/-
HyderabadFrom Rs 30,000/- to Rs 50,000/-
BangaloreFrom Rs 45,000/- to Rs 80,000/-
TrivandrumFrom Rs 35,000/- to Rs 70,000/-

 Take Away: While you may be able to find a cheaper surgeon, it is best to go with someone who has experience in hymenoplasty surgery to have good results.

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Hymen repair Surgery Cost - Determining factors

The Hymenoplasty surgery cost can vary based on several factors, including:

1. Location: The hymen repair surgery cost can vary depending on the clinic’s location or the hospital where the hymen surgery is performed. Hymenoplasty surgery cost in a metropolitan city is likely to be more than in a smaller town or city.

2. Surgeon’s experience and reputation: The more experienced and reputable the surgeon is, the higher the virginity surgery cost.

3. Type of facility: The type of facility where the hymenoplasty surgery is

performed, such as a private clinic or a hospital, can also impact the hymen

repair surgery cost.

4. Anesthesia: The anesthesia used during the hymen surgery can also impact the hymenoplasty cost. General anesthesia is typically more expensive than local anesthesia.

5. Pre-operative tests: The cost of pre-operative tests, such as blood tests and medical imaging, may be included in the hymen repair surgery cost.

6. Post-operative care: The cost of post-operative care, including follow-up

appointments and medication may also be included in the hymenoplasty surgery cost.

Take Away: It is essential to discuss all of these factors with your surgeon before the procedure to understand the total hymenoplasty cost and any additional expenses that may be involved.

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Hymen repair Surgery Cost -Details

What is a Hymenoplasty ?

The hymen can be damaged due to heavy exercise or strenuous sexual intercourse.

hymenoplasty, also known as hymenorrhaphy or defloration surgery, is a

procedure to reconstruct the hymen.

Take Away: The hymenoplasty surgery is a safe and effective method of restoring the hymen’s anatomical integrity and function.

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Difference between Hymenoplasty and Hymenotomy

Hymenoplasty and Hymenotomy are surgical procedures performed on the hymen, a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening.


Hymenoplasty surgery, also known as hymenorrhaphy or hymen

repair surgery, is a surgical procedure that aims to reconstruct or repair the hymen. This procedure is usually performed for cultural, religious, or social reasons, to restore the hymen to its original state before sexual intercourse or to create the appearance of an intact hymen. The hymen surgery involves suturing the remnants of the hymen together to form a membrane. 


On the other hand, Hymenotomy is a surgical procedure involving partial or complete removal of the hymen. This procedure is usually performed for medical reasons, such as to relieve menstrual pain or to treat imperforate hymen, a condition in which the hymen completely covers the vaginal opening, preventing menstrual blood from flowing out of the body.

Hymenoplasty SurgeryHymenotomy
Other namesHymenorrhaphy
Hymen repair
Aim of the procedureHymen
repair surgery aims to reconstruct or repair the hymen.
involves the partial or complete removal of the hymen.
Reason for performingHymen surgery repair is usually performed for cultural, religious, or social reasons, to restore the hymen to its original stateIt is usually performed for medical reasons to relieve menstrual pain caused by imperforate hymen,
Procedure detailsHymenoplasty surgery involves suturing the remnants of the hymen together to form a membrane.It involves removal of hymen for medical reasons.

 Take Away: In summary, Hymenoplasty surgery repairs or reconstructs the hymen, while Hymenotomy is a surgical procedure that removes part or all of the hymen.

Hymen repair surgery Cost- Best Candidates

In general, a good candidate for hymenoplasty surgery is a physically healthy. The woman who has a personal or cultural desire to restore her hymen or to repair hymen damage caused by trauma.

 It can be done for many reasons:

  • To restore virginity after sexual activity.
  • Hymen surgery is done for religious purposes,
  • Virginity surgery is done to hide a previous sexual activity.
  • In some countries, it is common for women who are virgins to have their hymens restored so they can be considered “pure” before marriage.
  • Hymen repair surgery improves sexual pleasure during intercourse because it creates a tighter fit and more friction during penetration and helps you feel more confident about your body.
  • If you have been sexually active and want to restore your virginity before marriage, the hymenoplasty surgery can help.
  • Women who have experienced sexual assault or rape may also be good candidates for the hymen surgery.

It’s important to note that hymenoplasty surgery is an elective procedure and should only be performed after careful consideration and discussion with a qualified healthcare provider.

 Women seeking the procedure for purely cosmetic reasons should also discuss their motivations and expectations with their providers to ensure that they fully understand the risks and benefits of the hymen surgery.

Hymen repair Surgery Cost - Surgery Details

The hymenoplasty surgery is a minor surgery that restores the hymen to its original condition.

  • You can have this hymen surgery done at daycare, and the patient can be sent back in 1- 2 hours.
  • Your doctor will numb the area around your vagina with a local anesthetic, so that you won’t feel any pain during the hymen repair.
  • The surgeon will suture the torn edges of the hymen back together or create a new hymen using tissue from the vaginal wall or labia minora.
  • The ruptured hymen tags are brought together and sutured in position with absorbable stitches.
  • Absorbable stitches dissolve in a month. Hence, there is no suture removal.
  • It takes only about 30 minutes to complete.
  • The hymenoplasty surgery typically leaves a small opening in the hymen to allow menstrual fluid to flow.
  • Hymen surgery repair can often combined with vaginal tightening surgery.

TakeAway: Hymen repair surgery aims to make your hymen look like you have never had sexual intercourse before.

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Hymen repair Surgery Cost - Recovery time after surgery

  • After the hymenoplasty surgery, the patient may experience discomfort and swelling in the vaginal area. Pain medication may be prescribed to manage the pain; ice packs can help reduce swelling.
  • Patients are advised to avoid strenuous physical activity and sexual intercourse for at least six weeks following hymen surgery for proper healing.
  • It is essential to keep the area clean and dry and to avoid using tampons or engaging in sexual activity until cleared by the surgeon.
  • Patients should also avoid bathing, using hot tubs, or swimming until the area fully recovers.

Patients should follow all post-operative instructions provided by the surgeon and attend any follow-up appointments as scheduled.

It is also essential to report any unusual symptoms or complications, such as fever, excessive bleeding, or signs of infection, to the surgeon immediately.

Take Away: Overall, hymenoplasty surgery is a relatively safe and effective procedure, but like any surgery, it carries some risks, such as bleeding, infection, or scarring. Patients should carefully consider their reasons for seeking the hymen surgery and discuss the potential risks and benefits with their surgeon before deciding.

Hymen repair Surgery Cost - Benefits

Hymenoplasty surgery is a procedure that restores the hymen, the thin membrane that partially covers the opening of female genitalia

1. Restoration of cultural or religious beliefs: Hymen repair Surgery can help women with cultural or religious beliefs that place importance on virginity or the presence of an intact hymen.

2. Psychological benefits: Restoring the hymen can provide psychological benefits by boosting self-esteem and helping women feel more confident in their sexual relationships.

3. Correction of injury or trauma: Hymenoplasty surgery can help repair hymens that have been torn due to injury or trauma, such as sexual assault.

4. Improved sexual experience: Some women report increased sensitivity and pleasurable sensations after hymen repair surgery, which may enhance the sexual experience.

5. The hymen surgery is performed to restore the virginity of women who want to save their innocence before marriage.


You will no longer have a visible mark. It is also possible to have hymen repair surgery without any evidence of the scar.

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Takeaway: Hymenoplasty surgery, also known as hymen reconstruction, is a simple procedure that can help restore peace of mind, comfort, and physical integrity to a woman’s life.

Hymen repair Surgery Cost - FAQ


It is important to note that hymenoplasty surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.

The pain level experienced during a hymen repair surgery can vary from person to person. The Surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia, which numbs the area and reduces pain during the procedure. However, patients may experience discomfort and mild

pain after the hymen surgery.

While hymen surgery can repair the hymen and make it appear intact, but it does not restore virginity. Virginity is a social and cultural concept that refers to a person’s sexual experience and behavior, and the presence or absence of an intact hymen cannot determine it.

Yes, hymen repair surgery (also known as hymen restoration surgery) can fail. The success of the procedure depends on several factors, including the skill and experience of the surgeon, the technique used, and the patient’s healing process.

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